Thursday, October 30, 2008

Announcement of Master's Project Defense of Ruji Rajbhandari

School of Architecture and Planning

Community and Regional Planning Program

Title: Monitoring Water Quality and Riparian Health in the Rio la Casa
Forest Restoration Project,Mora County, New Mexico

Date: November 4, 2008

Time: 10:00 AM

Location: George Pearl Hall RM. P130

Committee Chair: Prof. William Fleming

Committee Members: Prof. Jose Rivera, Andrew Erdmann

Fire suppression for many years has been created smaller trees and
denser forests. These conditions act as fire fuels as well as
decreasing the health of the forest. Increased density not only
affects the health of forest but also has an impact on communities due
to fire hazards. In response to these concerns, a mechanical fuel
reduction project is being implemented in the Walker Flats areas in
Mora County.The project is a Collaborative Forest Restoration Program
funded by the U.S. Forest Service. This program involves many
different stakeholders including the United States Forest Service, the
Santa Fe National Forest, the University of New Mexico, New Mexico
State University, New Mexico Highlands University, La Jicarita
Enterprise Community (as contractor) and other state, local,
non-profit and educational agencies. The goal of this study is to
monitor changes in watershed health, riparian health and water quality
in response to forest thinning in Walker Flats area.


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طراحی داخلی (مسکونی، اداری و تجاری)
طراحی نما و معماری

dimandesign said...

طراحی، تولید و ساخت مبلمان منزل، مشاوره و چیدمان منزل و بازسازی و طراحی داخلی کلاسیک از جمله کارهای اصلی گروه طراحان دیمان است

litouskelishe said...

مجموعه لیتوس با بیش از دو دهه تجربه در ساخت کلیشه ژلاتینی با بروزرسانی تجهیزات و جذب نیروی متخصص گامی بلند در هرچه بهتر نمودن صنعت چاپ فلکسو در کشور برداشته است و امروز با استفاده از دانش روز دنیا و تجهیزات مدرن آماده همکاری با صنایع بسته بندی ممتاز کشور می‌باشد.

litouskelishe said...

کلیشه ژلاتینی

technical-seo said...

آموزش و دانش

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