Monday, December 1, 2008

NM Environmental Policy Initiatives Lecture, 12/4/08


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Tower of silence is this ancient Zoroastrian cemetery that has the most spiritual feels to the atmosphere and the best view of the historical city of Yazd. Consequently, it made me question if I wanted to hide somewhere and never leave Iran! I started praying to the ancient gods for some more paid time off!It was scary as I realized how small humans were. I felt that when I stood next to the giant ancient structures from the glorious times of the Achaemenids empire! I wondered how they all died. So, they’ve left behind only these rocks from thousands of years ago living the most luxurious way in between these magnificent walls!

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“How is your trip?” I asked my friend, who is away for two weeks.

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IranAmaze said...

Walking in the cave-like houses built in the heart of the mountain by hand thousands of years ago in Kandovan along with the authentic way of people’s lives in these houses today was what made this day so special on my trip!

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Shiraz will be so full of life that we’ll need to spend another day in this city to explore it all. Our last memories of this journey to Iran will be one of the dreamiest images full of colors and smells of Nowruz in Shiraz. We’ll visit the Pink mosque to see the light and color fall in love from the reflection of the windows inside. Then, we’ll walk through the old neighborhood of Vakil smelling the orange flowers coming to arrive in spring time. Afterward, we’ll continue our spring walk to one of the most beautiful gardens of Iran called Eram garden which is full of beautiful flower blossoms. Then we’ll hold these smells and sights in our hearts and fly back to Tehran.

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