Friday, February 22, 2008


From August 5-8, 2008 the annual Western Planner Conference will be held in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Those of you who have attended these conferences in the past know that they offer a great learning and networking experience with an emphasis on intermountain western issues. If you haven’t yet had the chance, the Western Planner conference this year is closer to New Mexico than it has been since 2001! Cheyenne is an easy day’s drive up I-25 from most of northern New Mexico (just over 500 miles from Albuquerque). For those of you who would rather fly, Cheyenne is an easy 1½ hour drive from Denver International Airport.

Wyoming’s capital city is located in close proximity to the Rocky Mountains and features a vibrant and revitalizing downtown area. Conference headquarters will be at the historic Plains Hotel in the heart of downtown near the restored Union Pacific depot.

In this time of tightening budgets, it should be noted that the Western Planner Conference can be experienced at a fraction of the cost of APA’s National Conference.

For further information on this great opportunity you may view the attached flyer. You may also contact Brad Stebleton, NMAPA’s representative to the Western Planner’s Board of Directors, at 505-867-7628 or

Hope to see you there!


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