Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Mexico EGB annual Scholarships

The New Mexico Emerging Green Builders (EGB) annual scholarships to attend the US Green Building Council’s Greenbuild Conference are available now!

Apply today for your chance to go to Boston November 19-21

These scholarships provide a unique learning opportunity for individuals that are interested in sustainable design and development and would like to take an active role in the EGB.

The application deadline is September 7, 2008.

To apply:
Become a student member of the NM USGBC Chapter,
Provide a copy of your current schedule or proof of graduation within the past 5 years,
Fill out the attached electronic application,
Tell us why you would like to attend Greenbuild and how you intend to contribute to sustainable design and development
Commit to future involvement in the EGB and to presenting a luncheon program on Greenbuild as well as a short article on the conference (see application for details).

Return the application and required information to with EGB Scholarship in the subject line.


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