Monday, September 15, 2008

Writing Across Communities

Fellow students,

We invite all UNM graduate and undergraduate students to attend our
first meeting of the semester and to consider joining the Writing
Across Communities Alliance!

When: Wednesday, 9/17 at 11:00 am
Where: Higher Grounds

Who we are: WAC is a multidisciplinary organization which seeks to
promote writing as a mode of thinking, learning, and teaching across
the disciplines and among communities outside of the university. We are
currently getting ready to host the 2008 Civil Rights Symposium, and
every semester WAC holds tutoring workshops for student writers. We are
also always looking for new ways to promote writing across communities.
Some ideas for future projects include fostering collaboration between
speakers of English as a second language and native speakers, outreach
to communities outside of the university, and building relationships
among academic departments across UNM. We encourage creativity and
ideas of all sorts!

If you are interested in joining WAC but can’t make this meeting,
please email me off list at with your availability, and
we will adjust meeting times to best fit the schedules of everyone

Look forward to seeing you then!
Lindsey Ives and Katie Denton, WAC Alliance


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