Thursday, October 30, 2008

Anouncement of Examination: Master's Exam/Project and Thesis Defense (Ryan Weiss)

School of Architecture and Planning

Community and Regional Planning and Water Resources

Title: Fluvial Geomorphic Response to In-Stream Structures: the Effects
of Design, Planning and Restoration of the Comanche Creek Catchment,
New Mexico, USA.

Date: November 12, 2008

Time: 11:00 AM

Location: SAAP, RM. 327

Committee Chair: Dr. William Fleming

Committee Members: Dr. David Henkel, Jr., Abraham Franklin

Anthropogenic impacts to the Comanche Creek catchment of northern New
Mexico have resulted in impaired water quality and aquatic habitat for
Rio Grande cutthroat trout. Federal and state policies promulgating
collaborative, multi-stakeholder watershed-based restoration endeavors
have driven the implementation of in-stream, riparian and upland
treatments in the catchment. This research addresses restoration
endeavors through a review of stream channel and watershed planning,
policy and restoration. Drawing upon case studies from current
literature, policies driving watershed restoration and the use of
in-stream structures to improve aquatic habitat and water quality were
reviewed. A stream hydrograph was extrapolated utilizing streamflow
evaluations from a hydrologically similar gaged catchment. Analysis of
fluvial geomorphic trends was completed through field observations and
channel geometry surveys of cross-section, longitudinal profile and
substrate throughout reaches impacted by in-stream structures. Trends
in fluvial form and processes at discrete locations indicate response
to present flow and sediment regimes. Downstream trends in channel
geometry suggest overall disequilibrium within the catchment. Data does
not reveal whether goals and objectives of in-stream structures and
overall catchment restoration endeavors have been achieved. Monitoring
over multiple spatial and temporal scales and a post-project appraisal
are recommended for objective determination of success or failure of
restoration endeavors. Critical data analysis and reporting to funding
agencies by both restoration practitioners and scientists is proposed
for policy review and development at federal and state levels to
further refine collaborative watershed-based restoration endeavors.


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Anthropogenic impacts to the Comanche Creek catchment of northern New
Mexico have resulted in impaired water quality and aquatic habitat for
Rio Grande cutthroat trout. Federal and state policies promulgating
collaborative, multi-stakeholder watershed-based restoration endeavors
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